Obscure Craft book Thursday, The Golden Book of Crafts and Hobbies

This great book was a thrift store find, it is a library discard. It's the Golden Book of Crafts and Hobbies. It's available used for $5.00.

Originally published in 1957, this kitschy book was written by W. Ben Hunt, who has written a plethora of Native American craft and skill books as well as other crafty and building books. I didn't realize he was the author until I began typing this post up, we have a couple other books of his. 

The book begins with a section on using tools and techniques- 

I would say this book is aimed at older kids, (probably older boys in 1957!) many of the projects are pretty ambitious. But we all like the illustrations and are planning some things to make for Christmas gifts like this awesome rock and mineral tray, 

And these birdhouses are pretty sweet, they would make a fun gift.

Some of the projects are super-ambitious, like a huge toboggan that you steam in a large drum to shape, or a full-size row boat(!) I am not so sure that two pages in this book are sufficient to cover that material! But it's fun to dream, and there are plenty of doable projects, like these cork fishing lures- 

It seems as though this book was really aimed at Boy Scouts, there are several project for kerchief slides, and some for lecterns and awards. There are also some more traditional Native American projects like moccasins, and ceremonial decorations. 

This is the kind of book I would have loved as a kid and it's really fun to share it with my boys, now I have someone to read and scheme with me! 

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