Decking our halls

We had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday, there was just enough cooking and eating, plenty of reading on the couch and some visiting and outside work thrown in. Today Michael is back to work and we are back to our lessons and work around the house. But now we have the fun of preparing for Christmas, a happy chore.

Yesterday Michael and Julian went out to buy a Christmas tree and while they were out I worked on a wreath to hang over our dinner table.

I was thinking about making it an Advent wreath and adding four candles to it, but haven't figured out how to sturdily attach candles to the metal frame. The frame is actually a hanging decoration from Ikea and it has pretty metal leaves hanging from it. Here's a closer look:

I really like the way it turned out. You can just make out two of my vintage advent calendars in the background of the photos and one of them is my favorite. It's a German village scene. I found it at a yard sale when I was in high school and it is getting worn. Happily for me and maybe for you, this is a relatively famous advent calendar and it is being reproduced. It is available here from the fantastic Blumchen site- here's the image from their site.

Also check out their real mica glitter, I am sorely tempted to buy some. 

Our tree is just about done and I just set up our new Playmobil Advent Calendar, we are ready for December!