Something like boredom

I've been in a strange place creatively. Between obsessing about kitchen shelving and glass tile choices, I have been trying to start working on some new knitting projects. Despite the knitted swatches and the messy studio I have left in my wake, things are not going well. I am hoping to design stuff thats perfectly adorable AND quick to knit AND a great Christmas gift for someone on my list. A tall order, especially for the state I am in and a recipe for disgust. 

This morning I read a great article  that was a guest post on Scoutie Girl by the fantastic Kirsty Hall where she writes about her stages of creative boredom. I already recognized that my creative work is a cyclical process, but her article made me feel better about the "ebb" stage of creativity. So while I research rug-making obsessively and search though yet un-packed boxes for elusive perfectly-inspiring supplies, I am also accepting that my creative "flow" will return, hopefully in time for making Christmas gifts! 

Meanwhile, here is a progress shot of the kitchen. The tile is new as is the stove (upgrading to gas, woo hoo!), it was the first time I tried to tile and it's not perfect, but I am really happy with it overall. We are waiting for the mortar to cure before we grout. We just might make our Thanksgiving deadline!

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