Pink + Red

While out in the woods gathering firewood with my family the other day, I spotted the coolest fruits:

It was amazing how these tiny little spots of color stood out in the grey and brown world of the fall woods. Strider helpfully identified them as "either hearts a busting with love, or wahoo"....what now? After some internet searching, I've found he wasn't kidding. Both hearts a bustin' and wahoo are actually common names for two different native shrubs. Turns out hearts a busting looks a bit different. What we've got is wahoo. I love being out in the woods this time of year just to see what's new. Most of the year wahoo is a spindlely shrub, really not that interesting, then, TA-DA.

I took photos to share here, but also to record the unexpected color combination. I thought I might use the colors in an upcoming project. The very next day at a rummage sale I found a few yard of some vintage home-dec weight fabric. Part of its quirky color way? Pink and red of course: