Obscure Craft Book Thursday

Most of the books Katie and I have chosen for our obscure craft book posts have been vintage books we have stumbled across at thrift stores. Today though, I'm sharing a new-ish title: Living Fabric, Weaving among the Nomads of Ladakh Himalaya by Monisha Ahmed.

(Published in 2002 for 50.00, the book is now available on Amazon for 12.00.) Strider found it for me for Christmas last year, and it is a fascinating read. Living Fabric is a rich study of the fiber traditions of a people who live and travel with their animals following an ages old tradition.  Preparing fiber is a task shared by the entire community, with men and women having their own distinct activities. After shearing, washing and carding, the fiber is spun by the women and twisted, or plyed, by the men.

The book also covers the creation of traditional garments, bags, rugs and tents.

I particularly enjoyed reading about the process of making the traditional black tents the nomads live in:

An altogether amazing book about a subject I previously knew nothing about.

Speaking of nomadic people, I have to mention a favorite movie of mine-The Cave of the Yellow Dog is a lovely glimpse into the life of a Mongolian family. Also worth seeking out!