A baby sweater

This weekend I have been working on last-minute, really down to the wire Halloween costumes. My boys were both knights and their tunics were slippery satin and I used a strangely difficult pattern to make them. Coupled with my generally poor sewing skills and burgeoning cold it was not a fun creative time. But happily, the costumes got finished and my two little knights totally loved their costumes. 

I also made a sweater. A former coworker just had a baby last week so I knitted all day last Thursday with minimal breaks for feeding my family and made this- 

It's a super-simple pattern that I modified to skip the eyelets at the bottom and cuffs. I want to carve some tiny wood buttons. I used a remnant of Noro Kureyon for the yoke and Lamb's Pride for the rest of the sweater. I kind of wish it was my size! The pink in the Noro almost perfectly matches the Lamb's Pride color. The color changes are a lovely way to spice up the yoke- 

And I love how the body is seamless.

What fun to make something new and tiny for a precious new baby!