Free knitting pattern- Star Garland running late

It's been a doozy of a week so I am a running late on the free knitting pattern for this week. And it's not a toy. Boo all around, huh? But I really wanted to post something and collecting all the buckeyes the other day reminded me that I had used them for a project once before-  

I made this knitted and felted star garland eons ago, the simple star shapes are one of the first things I designed. I love that it's a stash busting project, it is a great introduction to knitting and felting, and it's quick- you can knit one of these stars in less than a half hour!  I love our colorful Star Garland but it would be nice in muted shades or icy blues and whites for winter- you pick. If you don't have buckeyes around, you could easily substitute wood beads or skip the beads all together and have a lovely string of stars. 

I will be posting the pattern for the simple garter-knit stars tonight or first thing tomorrow. 

Next week is week six of the free knitting pattern series and  I'll put up a toy for sure and we'll finally have photos of the fantastic projects in our upcoming ebook along with a pre-order deal. Woo hoo! It is so fun working with Laura on the projects, the stuff she is coming up with is awesome and I am sure you will love her sewing and paper projects. I have 7 knitting patterns for toys, gifts and decorations and I am pretty pleased with them as well. 

So tune in tomorrow for the free pattern and for sure next week for lots of crafting news.