Obscure Craft Book Thursday

Thanks to everyone for your lovely comments on Katie's Jack O'Lantern project-isn't that guy adorable? I've done a bit of Halloween prep myself. Actually coming up with costumes well before the day of trick or treating! Unusual for me...well, Eli is working on the calendar everyday in our home school lessons, and was getting anxious about having time to get things made. Fair enough. So, this week I made a black flannel ninja get-up for Eli-(the cozy flannel will be great for PJ's this fall...) and a cowboy vest and chaps for Isaac. I also worked a lot on homework for my architecture class, but managed to squeeze in 20 minutes or so to work on my own costume:

Inspired by the masks in Autumn 2010 Nuno magazine, and Martha's bird masks, I fashioned the base out of a cracker box in no time.  I painted it black, glued on some gathered tissue paper, and yes, found a way to work in some glitter -black on the beak and gold around the eyes.

I am pleased with the result. It is sweet how excited my boys are that I am dressing up too!

OK, it IS Thursday, and I do have a book to share-a treasure I found at Half Price Books in Lexington, The Metropolitan Museum of Art Activity Book. It is available on Amazon for practically free.

The book is full of projects to cut out and assemble inspired by pieces in the museum's collection. Some of my favorites are Pantins-French jumping dolls:

Japanese paper dolls:

And a zoetrope-something I've always wanted to make:

This book has been on our shelves for months, now that I got it out to share here I'm reminded how cool it is! Maybe we will tackle one of these projects tomorrow, since I won't be frantically assembling costumes...