Shopping for fabric

I have a vintage bamboo living room set that my sister Abby handed down to me. Our little house is a 60s era design and the small bamboo set fits the space perfectly. I would show you, but it is covered in (clean,folded) laundry and while I am all about authentic blogging, I just can't go that far. Sadly, the foam cushions are deteriorating and the light yellow fabric is not holding up well to dirty boy feet and snacks on the couch. So I am shopping around for swatches. I ordered a bunch of samples from Tonic Living and they just arrived today! I am thinking of going in a few different directions, hence the different types of fabrics. 

I got a few solids- 

This one is Solid Birch in the Portobello color, 

And this one is actually an outdoor fabric, Sunnyside in Coral. The color is less pink in real life.

I got the Sunnyside because it's supposed to be stain resistant and while it is 100% polyester, not a choice I would usually make, I am leaning towards that because it feels softer than the Solid Birch.

I also got some prints, this one is Adorn in the Olive colorway.

I love the slubs, it reminds me of barkcloth.

I also got a swatch of Varenna in the Charcoal colorway. I really like this print, but it is an awful lot of white for a couch that will be used by our whole family. This also comes in bright yellow, an unplanned theme color in our house, but I don't know if I have the guts to use that much of it.

There will be no living room sewing until after I get some Christmas gifts underway, but that doesn't stop me from researching obsessively now. I also got some Michael Miller holiday fabric that I will show soon, it's super-sweet and I hope to finally make stockings for my family with it.