Gift knitting plans for Christmas

The work of writing our ebook is mostly behind us (!) and now I am hoping to have some time to begin working on holiday gifts. Since family members read here, I won't attach names to the gifts. 

First up, some lace edging. I am going to make 2 pillowcases edged with this lace from the Mason Dixon Knitters first book.

Image courtesy of Knit Picks

It's a wide but simple design and I thought it was an easy enough pattern for my first stab at lace. I started this a good year and a half ago- maybe 2(!) years ago and mostly stopped because I was almost out of this discontinued yarn. I have almost one pillow's worth already knitted.

It's Euroflax Sport linen in Cedarwood and happily there was a lovely woman on Ravelry who had some to sell. So the yarn is on its way and I will be knitting this soon. First though, I will have to make some progress untangling what is attached to my knitting-

What is wrong with me and how did this happen?! Ugh. At least I am not alone. Anyway, I also ripped the page from my copy of the book (sacrilege!) once so I didn't have to tote the book around with me. Chances are highly unlikely I will be able to find that paper, so I'm hoping our library has a copy of the book. It's been nothing but road blocks with this project, but I feel success drawing closer! 

Image courtesy of MariaDenmark

Second, I am so proud of my nine year old son who pedals his bike with intensity, leading the way when we ride around town. Our hands are getting cold in the Autumn weather, so I want to knit him some fingerless mitts so he can keep his hands warm and still use his brakes. These may be a pre-Christmas gift if I get them done in time.

 Image courtesy of wildtomato

I have GOT to finally knit these for family members who have cats. They are so funny, it almost makes me want to get a cat just so my cat can wear a beret. I wonder if bunnies wear berets? 

So those are the first projects in my queue. There are many knitting and non-knitting projects in line behind, including a few from our ebook, I need to get to work! 

What projects are you planning to make for the holidays? 

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