Family Business

We're working to put the finishing touches on our ebook, Handwork for the Holidays, and we recently had the chance to have an afternoon working with our sister Abby. It was fun to work together as we had a photoshoot of our finished projects.

She's blocking the extra sunlight with a notebook and holding a lamp. We're very technical photographers.

Laura's dining room is light-filled and perfect for photos. 

Here are some of the shots we got- more previews of projects for the ebook!  

Paper ornaments to print, cut out and decorate.

A double-thick cowl richly textured on the outside and lined with silk.

Knitted envelopes for ornaments or to use as gift-card holders. I like their backs,

This evening we'll have the sale page finished with all the photos of the projects up. Thanks to everyone who has jumped in and have pre-ordered already! There is one week left to pre-order, the ebook will be published October 24. 

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