Recent Acquisions

Me and Katie's parents and sister Abby were just in Kentucky for a short, lovely visit. We had a terrific time making the rounds of yard sales and the annual Union Church rummage sale together. I found a few notable treasures-a bag full of goodies from our town's sister city in Japan:

Sequined fish ornaments, Katie spotted these and knew I would love them:

My dream feather duster- if you had any doubts about those feathers, the label has a helpful picture of an ostrich:

Finally, my favorite find of the weekend, something our household has been lacking:

The fiercest nutcracker ever:

We can now eat the hickory nuts I bought at the farmer's market, instead of just enjoying looking at them on our nature table. Oh! speaking of our nature table, we have some pretty new finds there too:

The orange buckeyes are from a bottle brush buckeye shrub. I've never seen this type of  buckeye before, apparently, it is native to Kentucky. Strider knows what I like-he brought me the Bur Oak acorns. (He collected these for 3 days last week for seed for our state tree nursery. Sometimes his job is really awesome.) They are the biggest acorns I've ever seen:

Cool, huh?

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