Our little town

I want to start sharing some of the places, people and events that make our small town of Berea, Kentucky a great place to live. I think Berea is special and lovely, I like it that there are so many thoughtful and creative folks living here. Another one of the things I like about our town is that it's touristy and pretty. The "College Square" which is a row of shops, restaurants and a hotel is like our main street; as we ride around town on our bikes we invariably cross through here. There are also masses of decorative plantings, the elephant ears are huge!

This year, the plants on the College Square have been over-the-top lovely and we enjoy waving to Gardener Rose as she carefully tends the lush planter boxes. I snapped a few photos while we were on our way home from the creek today so my boys were grumpy and hungry, not good or patient models, but I wanted to share before cold weather comes. I love this banana tree and the incredible coleus! 

In our small town, it's not illegal to ride bikes on the sidewalk. When I ride with Julian (who just turned 9 this week!) we ride on the sidewalk on busier streets. On side streets, we ride on the road and he's doing really well learning the rules of the road. Anyway, we're on the sidewalk for now as we ride through the College Square, and since it's busy with pedestrian traffic, we usually get off and walk our bikes as a courtesy. It's so great to slow down and take in all the lovely plants! These cascading petunias have been going strong all summer.

Here's a longer shot of all the plantings- they are so lush! We are enjoying the last few weeks of warmer weather before cold comes, and it's nice to appreciate the plants while they last.