Unpacking the studio

So I've started unpacking and setting up our studio. The house we bought is actually 2 tiny houses connected by a covered breezeway. One side is a 700 square-foot house that houses our family. The other building, the studio, is about 600 finished square feet and we're using it as a guest bedroom and as a workspace for the four of us. All of us like to make stuff and I aspire to eventually have art supplies, fibery things, fabric, woodworking tools and our computer all organized and usable. After having most of our supplies packed up for the better part of 2 years and mostly working on the dining room table, it feels particularly luxurious to have a whole room for creative pursuits. 

We don't really have much furniture for the space yet, but our desk is a large, sturdy table that Laura bought for me at the Berea College surplus auction a couple years ago for 20 bucks. It was made by Berea College Woodcraft and was a total steal. Plus it has all kinds of student graffiti carved into it like: "RW + DFS," "Ruedy," and a little raccoon-looking hand. My plan is to have the computer at one end of the table and have another work space at the other end of the table. Here's a before, 

At this year's auction, I scored a large sturdy bulletin board for one. dollar. I know, great, right? I'm not even going to get started on sharing my stories about the deals we've gotten there over the years or this whole post will be about the large heavy things I've purchased- slate-like countertops? $5. Giant solid bookshelf? $20. Piano? $35. it goes on and on. I'm telling you, it's an auction for the ages. Anyway, I covered the bulletin board with a piece of fabric, just folding the edges and stapling it close to the frame. I stacked up some vintage suitcases to hold felted-sweaters for crafting, my current knitting designs in-progress and yarn. Michael needed a place for all his technology ephemera, and I had an extra sewing box that worked great. See? 

Happily, he's the kind of guy that doesn't mind using a re-purposed sewing box for his geek supplies. I found a little chest of drawers that someone made from old sewing machine drawers at a flea market. It's all mismatched, with some of it painted gray and some stained wood. I was going to paint it but I kind of like it as is. I'm using that for scissors that I don't want my kids to use and other little notions. I plan to make a shelf for the printer so it can live behind the computer, but we've just got a board propped up with books for now. So here's the "after," though it's not really an "after" yet, more like an "in progress." But the space sure feels more homey and it's great to work here. I should have Michael take a photo of me perched in the chair, typing away to you, and you could get the total picture. 

When I look at the photo, the first thing I can see is those cords, I want to find a way to make them less obtrusive. I made the tissue-paper garland when I was taking a break from unpacking. It makes it feel like a party is going to start any second. I love it. I've got a post coming up in a couple days showing how I did it. Although it's really simple, I wanted to share some cheeriness this time of year, it's so gray and cold here right now.

On Craftzine blog I just saw a peek of Diane's (of CraftyPod fame) workspace and I loved seeing how she organizes everything. I like seeing craft blogger's studios. It is so cool to picture all these clever people working away in their different workspaces. I'll keep you posted when I get more work done on ours, though I am itching to start working on new knitting designs, so I may take a break from unpacking for a few days until I have to start tearing though boxes looking for a particular skein of yarn.