Snow day

My boys are out playing in the latest snow and I am right where I prefer to be on snowy afternoons:

Near by the wood stove with a great view of the snow. Looks like a good time and place to catch up on blogging, doesn’t it? That’s what I thought. What a lovely Christmas we had. As Kaite mentioned, we got to spend lots of time with family, cooking, eating and hanging out-what a luxury. I’ve finally trimmed down the gifts I make my self to a somewhat reasonable task. (hmmm, although, I didn’t blog at all in December, AND was working on last minute gifts on Christmas Eve….) I love, love, love giving gifts. A pretty assemblage of a few of the things we made:

I helped my boys make lavender filled sachets, those are what is stacked in the upper right. A whoo-whoo clock for a fellow admirer of all things gnome, a rainbow ball, all resting on an indigo dyed silk scarf. Of course we received some lovely things too. New books, plamobil sets, model train loot and a perfect mobile were among our favorites.

(First kid now returning from outside, if it takes 10 minutes to get them suited up to brave the cold, shouldn’t they have to stay out at least that long?) Big post Christmas bonus, Strider took the tree down while I spent a day shopping with my sisters and mom. What a perfect ending to the season, hmmm, actually it also seems an auspicious way to begin the new year.