Harvest moon

The other night a big bunch of us, kids and adults, sat by the water around a toasty fire and watched the harvest moon make its way over the trees. Reminds me to be thankful for the most recent gifts from the garden: 26 pounds of red potatoes, 30 pounds of onions, many batches of pesto, and all kinds of handsome peppers.

I inexplicably save mesh produce bags in the winter when I’m buying produce at the grocery. This year I decided to give them a try to store our home grown produce.

I’ve always braided my onions and garlic, but this is the most onions I’ve ever grown-way too many to braid. I also tried hard-neck garlic this  year and you can’t braid that stuff.

I have made a good go of it this year in the garden, I didn’t give up in mid July like I usually do-all the rain we had this year certainly helped.  I’m researching planting a cover crop to enrich the soil before putting the garden to bed for the winter. Although the summer crops are winding down, I do have some fall beans, salad greens and carrots coming on.