Quilting bee

When one of the regular members (another Laura) of our Tuesday night stitch and bitch at the Black Feather Café told us she was pregnant, we all just knew making a quilt was in order. Naomi picked out several cool batik fabrics, and Katie and  I choose a simple quilt pattern. We needed a background color, and couldn’t figure what would look best with the batiks. Indigo seemed a good choice, and so when I dyed fabric with indigo recently, I did a couple yards of muslin. The piecing went quickly.

The hand quilting…not so fast. Rather than all work on the quilt at the  same time, we have taken turns between our Tuesday meetings taking  the quilt home with us to work on it. As lovely an image of everyone sitting around a quilt frame is, we don’t have one. Yes, we’ve found patterns to make one, just not sure how the Black Feather would feel about  moving something so massive into their space….A hand held round hoop is working well enough, not too obtrusive.

Laura’s due date is at the end of September, we’ve got to get some serious stitching done in the next couple of weeks!

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