Irons in the fire

My project-making doesn't stop but apparently my blogging about the projects is intermittent at best these days! We have been enjoying summer and are looking forward to the change in seasons. While the calendar says it's Autumn already, the weather has only showed hints of a change. But my projects reflect the seasonal change.

I'm working on birthday gifts for my September birthday boy: 

He's into Harry Potter right now, so I'm making a Nimbus 2000 Quidditch broom. I'm trying to use black walnuts to dye the broomcorn. I will post a more complete post about the broom when it's done. 

I'm making adorable mittens for my sister Abby who also has a birthday in September: 

And I am finally getting more patterns ready for Hedgehog Lane. My deadline for getting a collection of 10 patterns posted keeps getting pushed back farther and farther, but I think I'm finally closing in on this goal. Here's a truck I'm getting ready to felt.

More soon, I've been writing dozens of posts in my head, but I want to just ease back into the blogging waters today.