Windows for my little building-part 2

After scraping the windows clean of old paint and glazing, I primed them with oil based primer. Now time for the fun part, putting the glass back in. The putty is the consistency of runny play dough, and it can be worked with your hands. A “snake” of putty about ¼ inch wide fills the little groove in the window frame:

then the glass is pressed into place.

Glazing points are pushed into the wood around the perimeter of glass to hold it in.

(There is one full size point and one in place.) Check out my awesome glazing points found at the bottom of a box of rusty tools and other treasure bought at an auction:

A wider snake of putty is put down on top of the glass and smoothed with a putty knife:

I found getting the angle right on the first try makes for a smooth finish-as opposed to going over it again and again which just makes it worse.

The scraps of putty are returned to the container and reused. With seven window sashes, that’s 42 panes of glass to put in place. Not that I’m counting. Altogether, we spent 28 hours getting the windows scraped, primed and re-glazed. Much of that time was mine, but thankfully, I did have some help. The windows still need another coat of primer and the final paint. I think this will bring the tally to 30 hours, or 5 hours per window. Like I said in my first post about the windows, I’ve invested little money but a good bit of time to get to this point. I’m pleased with the result though and look forward to seeing them in place.