Blue day

I recently took some time to do a bit of dyeing. Wow, have I missed working with fabric. Using instant indigo purchased from Earth Guild, I made a 5 gallon bucket indigo vat:

This stuff is very easy to use-I recommend it if you want an easy blue with natural dyes. Its always amazing to witness the change when the fabric just pulled out of the dye,

oxidizes and turns blue.

(How about that awesome chair drying rack?) I did a couple yards of cotton for an up coming project, and on a whim sewed some silk around a short section of PVC pipe, scrunched it down, and dyed it for silk scarves.

I’m planning on working on some yellows and pink silk to over dye with the indigo. So much fun, it makes me motivated to get my studio with its dye kitchen finished!

Ok, it is summer and the ends of this are still unfinished, but...I want to wear it every day.