Windows for my little building-part 1

A year or so ago I bought a huge-mungous pile of wooden windows at the Berea College surplus auction for $2.00. (Amazingly, I was the only bidder…) They have been safely stored out of the weather and *just* needed to be re-glazed to be transformed into lovely, sturdy old windows for (almost) free. Why is it I always forget what a hassle it can be to use salvaged materials? Low cost as far as money goes, not counting my time! Luckily I have plenty of time, and my grant money is running out. Salvage it will be then. Anyway, I started with chipping paint and crumbling glazing:

Glazing is the putty that holds the glass in place. I used a heat gun to scrape, scrape and scrape the old paint and glazing off seven windows. By some happy accident all the tools I used had red handles:


Nice patinas huh? This process is not hard, but definitely tedious.  I am  looking forward to having this part behind me. More riveting window progress coming soon.