Well the summer is rolling by, still waiting for easy living….(cue the Janis Joplin) The studio has been a major component of my families summer but we’ve also found time to harvest bounty from the garden-(our tomato plants have a horrible blight this year, but we are getting some intact fruits..):

We've taken plenty of trips to the creek-sometimes with friends:

and of course toasted plenty of marshmallows:

 When I last posted about the studio we had got the roof metal on. Just a few more thoughts on the roof. When our friend Fred came out, he caught wind of my desire to have the rafter tails be cut in a curve. Inspired by Scandinavian architectural details, I planned to have the rafter tails and door and window trim have a few flourishes. In reality, on the day we were installing the rafters, I set this idea aside because I just wanted to get them up there, not fiddle around with a jig saw. It pays to have friends who are talented with tools and wood-while Fred was out he climbed a ladder and cut all the rafter tails just how I wanted them:


 Pretty nice, huh? Also, here is the new interior view looking up from my work table space: