Playstand set-up, part 1

I love the aesthetic of Waldorf schools. I remember the first Waldorf kindergarten I stepped into. Like many other people experiencing the Waldorf world for the first time, the colors, textures, scents and feeling of the room was deeply appealing to me.

My two boys, Julian, 7 and Avery, 3, are homeschooled and we are at best eclectic homeschoolers and we don't follow any one educational system or philosophy. But we do aspire to have a Waldorf-y home with natural materials, wood grain, warm colors, seasonal decorations and simple toys. It's sometimes hard to keep my ideal in sight and I feel the house being overrun with dirty dishes, yard-sale-find toys and visual clutter. Sometimes it feels as though it might be easier to go with the flow of life rather than take the time to craft a home that matches my ideals. The recent post by Jenn at Our Little Nature Nest inspired me to re-focus on what's important for our home and what nourishes the boys' creativity and imagination. 

Today I decided to round up our playstands and set them up. Michael and I made them with my brother's help several Christmases ago. We never had a good place to put them, and they sat unused or piled up with stuff. I snugged them into the living room between bookshelves and next to a large window.

We never did make the arms to hold up the playcloth "roof" so that's what the boys and I did today. We started by tracing a pattern for the arms onto a 1x6" board. I altered the pattern found in Toymaking with Children so it would fit on wood that I scrounged in the basement. 

Then I cut out four arms. Julian held the wood steady and I used our ancient jigsaw to cut them out. I rounded the edges and sanded the wood faces. Then we drilled out holes for the cross-pieces. I was delighted to use dowels from a rickety old clothes-drying rack for cross-pieces.

They fit perfectly and are sturdy and straight.

Soon, we had arms on both of the playstands and a rainbow cloth (that Laura dyed for us, isn't it lovely?) draped over top. I want to make some large play clips to hold the cloth on top, but this rainbow one is so light, it stays in place just fine. 

This little space has already added a lovely dimension to our living room. I look forward to arranging our home in a more deliberate way and will share our projects and progress here.