Stylish dumpster diving

Several months ago I decided to not use my car to get around town with my kids. We  walked around a lot last summer and we used a double jogging stroller for kid and cargo carrying. After spending most of the fall and winter in Pennsylvania, this spring we returned to the stroller- 3-year old Avery sat on one side and we used the other seat for cargo. It worked fine, Julian likes to scooter so he scooted around down the sidewalk in front of Avery and me. Sometimes we loaded the stroller to the max! 

The stroller and walking plan was fine, but it took a good half-hour to walk to our friends' house on the other side of town and at least 20 minutes to get to the library, a major destination for us. I began researching bicycles obsessively this spring and soon came to the Madsen cargo bike.

This image is from Madsen's site, go there to see more

Sleek and fun with loads of cargo and kid space, the bike seems to be just what our family needs! I couldn't swing the price this summer, but with the little bit of money I saved we did outfit our family with second-hand bikes. We scoured Craigslist and scored a trail-a-bike for Julian to ride behind Michael and a Rhode Gear trailer for Avery to ride in behind me.

Yesterday we checked out the dumpsters behind Berea College Woodcraft (we were given permission to do so) for wood scraps. The boys and I love to make little projects with the end cuts and little blocks. I found long thin strips of wood that look like they will be very useful for something. At the very least we'll have plenty of kindling! 

I also found several chunks of wood that will work for spoon carving. I questioned my greediness in wood-scrap collection when I had to ride up the hills on the way home! 

Madsen is having a contest and I am hoping to win a cargo bike so when we poke around dumpsters for potential craft supplies we will look much more stylish! To help me win, click the button below and go check out the bikes for yourself! If you have a blog or website, they have buttons that you can add to your site too. The contest runs until July 15. So please, click below!

Madsen Cycles Cargo Bikes

Go Madsen!