Man's best friend

My nephew Isaac celebrated his third birthday last week. He loves dogs but his family doesn't have one, so I designed a tiny pet dog for a Small Doll I made in his likeness. Avery and I worked together outside for a while. It's been a few months since I have made a Small Doll and it was surreal to follow my own pattern directions. 

I am pleased with how the gift turned out, but most importantly, Isaac liked it to! 

Here's the doll and dog together.

I bought a clasp and jump rings at the bead store so the leash is removable. The dog's collar fastens with a snap. All of the sewn felt clothes are made with Laura's beautiful naturally-dyed wool felt. I think it's sometimes hard to determine scale in photos, so here's an image of me holding the doll.

And the little dog-

I love the tiny socks.

The Small Dolls pattern is currently being edited by my technical editor, a professional who edits the language and refines the knitting pattern. It contains directions on how to make a complete wardrobe for boys or girls, knit sweaters, socks and tights and felt shoes. It's by far the longest pattern booklet I've put together. I am excited to be releasing it soon.  Next up is finishing up the dog and sheep patterns. 

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