Nesting Blocks, Sleepy Dolls patterns

 I am just about finished with Carrie's Small Doll and will be mailing it off this week. I have been working on new patterns and I am pleased to announce that I have published two new patterns- Nesting Blocks and Sleepy Dolls. 

The Nesting Blocks are 5 stackable cylinders that would make a great baby toy. Also, the graduated sizes make for colorful storage containers. The pattern for the quick-to-knit set is available in my shop, Hedgehog Lane

The Sleepy Dolls are floppy dolls in stocking caps. They are really simple to knit and I like the boy's striped cap.

Up next is the new-and-improved Nesting Doll design and some Sweet Sheep. For now though, I'm taking how-to photos with a broken camera, fading light, mosquitoes and a helper:

It's been great to make some progress and with 5 patterns published, I'm half-way to meeting my goal of publishing a collection of 10 patterns. Any ideas for new projects??