Small Doll and pattern winners!

I am so pleased with the response to our first-ever giveaway. It has been fun to read all the comments and I would love to make a each one of these little dolls, from dolls with glasses to dolls with tie dye and pets, it would be a fantastic project to come up with all the little details! But then I wouldn't get any more work done on new designs, so I had to pick just one. Using, I choose 4 numbers and then matched them to the corresponding comment.

The winner for the custom Small Doll is comment #27- Carrie! Here's what she said: 

"I would be so honored to win a little doll! She would have dark-brown hair,green eyes,fair skin and freckles. She would wear a dress.Her clothing would be in tones of oranges,pinks,and yellows!"

I will get to work on Carrie's doll this week and three other folks can soon get begin making Small Dolls of their own. chose three numbers for me-

#8 Gina,

#12 KnittingDancer, and

#32 Shauna.

I will be emailing each of you a copy of the Small Dolls pattern today.  

For those who didn't win but would still like a Small Doll,  check out the pattern booklet for sale at Hedgehog Lane. The knitting is very simple and you can have the fun of making a custom doll of your own. I think the dolls would make great gifts, I am planning to make a bunch for Christmas gifts for the kids in my life. 

I will be having another giveaway (with more prizes!) in August when I release the final pattern in my 10-pattern collection, so stay tuned! 

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