New pattern out tomorrow!

After many false starts, delays and distractions, I will finally be publishing a new Hedgehog Lane pattern. The Small Dolls pattern booklet is my lengthiest pattern to date and shows people how to make these dolls:

They can play soccer,

Pick flowers,

Saddle up their horse,

or go for a hike!!

I love them. They are pose-able, sturdy, warm and just the right size. I am working with a great technical editor who has clarified my instructions and as a result the pattern is super-clear. The 13-page booklet contains 5 knitting patterns and several templates for making sewn-felt clothes. 

I hope they get a good reception. Like Dusty & Satchel, the idea for them has been rattling around in my brain for a while, so it feels good to be "done" with them and to be moving on to new projects!