Roof work

This is where we are so far:

A temporary view looking up through the rafters from where my main work table will be, this canopy will soon be replaced by metal:

Between everybody who has worked on the studio, we’ve got 80.5 hours invested in the project. I’m getting a kick out of keeping track of how long everything is taking, it will be interesting to compare the total with the estimate I came up with for the grant proposal. The boards running perpendicular to the rafters in the first photo are called purlins. These are local rough sawn lumber, and what the metal roofing is screwed to. We had more help recently when my mother in law, Teresa and friend, Fred offered to help get the metal on. Fred and Strider working on the last few purlins:

It was tricky to get the first piece of metal on perfectly square. Much like piecing a quilt, any little mistakes are magnified across the length of the surface. Starting with a little unevenness means it will be even worse by the end! We perservered, got things lined up just so, and ended up with everything but the ridge put up in one day.

Isn't it looking so cute?! I am so pleased with how it is coming along.

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