come again another day

I’ll spare you a play by play of each wall going up, but it is happening, I am building this thing. How awesome is this? 

I recently took a break from building to make some fathers day cards. It was nice to do a bit of painting, all my creative energy has gone into the studio lately.

A big studio-stress is the crazy amount of rain we have been having. We still have all the rafters and the ridge to put up before I can even order the sheet metal for the roof. Somehow moisture is getting under the plastic:

It doesn’t seem like copious amounts, but it still makes my stomach hurt to see. Here’s hoping the cellulose isn’t sopping. Meanwhile the sky still looks like rain often:

As clever as it seemed at the time, I don’t think it was a good idea to install the insulation before the roof was on. Hmm, hindsight and all that. When the roof and siding are on, I plan to open the floor up to check on the insulation.