Nail it

I’ve been enjoying working on my own while Strider is at work. After dinner we have a wall or two to tip up and nail into place I‘ve framed during the day. (The walls are way to heavy to try to do this step solo.) My mantra has been “measure twice, cut once”. As much of a cliché as it is-its true! It definitely helps minimize mistakes. The cuts are made with a compound miter saw. This saw is straightforward to use and while I am respectful of it’s abilities, I’m not scared to use it. Can’t say the same for the circular saw, although I am making progress. Using power tools has brought my left handedness to light as a bit of an issue-the tools are made for the right handed majority. I’ve gotten used to right handed scissors or whatever, but a circular saw is a whole different thing. Speaking of tools, I’ve got to give a shout out to my hammer.

I really enjoy using it. I’ve had this hammer for 9 years, but this is project is really giving it a workout. The nails you use to frame walls are size 16d.

In other words, big ol’ nails. I bought a 50 POUND box of these for the studio project.

In the past I would have avoided working with these guys, (kinda scary and big, no?) but I‘ve gotten over that, I had to. There is not much more satisfying than driving a nail tidily, I wish I could record the tinking /squeaking sound it makes as the nail is forced into the wood. Did you know this kind of nail comes coated with a resin that heats up as it is driven into the wood and lubricates the nail to make it easier to nail in? Yup. It also makes it harder to pull out the nail if you screw up so: slow and steady. My other building mantra.