moving on up

On to framing the walls! This step is definitely my favorite so far. Even a novice like me can get a satisfying amount of progress done in a short work session. Oh, before framing the walls we covered the floor with plastic and fastened it around the outside. This is a really important step to protect the floor deck which will be quite vulnerable to rain until the roof is on. Using the drawings I completed months ago, I measured and cut all the pieces for the first wall. I then laid them out on the floor, and nailed them together.

I had to do the walls in a certain order for there to be enough room on the floor to lay them out. After nailing together the first wall, Strider helped me tip it up into place, right on the edge of the floor. We added temporary braces to keep it from blowing over and nailed it to the floor. The studio walls are taking shape. It is really satisfying to see the wall I drew, no longer just an idea on paper. Here it is in the flesh, or wood rather.