I'll be toasty warm this winter

Studio building continues slowly but surely. After framing the floor, we filled the cavities between the joists with cellulose insulation. This stuff is 85% recycled materials (shredded newspaper) and so much nicer to work with than fiberglass-even if the fiberglass has the pink panther on its packaging. Usually it is installed by renting a machine from the lumber yard and blowing it into walls or whatever, but that wouldn’t work for this application so we had to fluff it up and “decompress” it by hand. This process was very similar to loosening a bale of peat moss if you have ever done that.

Maybe the similarity to working with peat moss made me think of garden tools, we found hand trowels worked great to break up the clumps. I choose to fill the joist cavities completely which will give the floor R 19 insulation. The down side of this decision meant I ran out of cellulose. But never fear, no need to run out to buy more! Strider had scraps of fiberglass left over from other projects tucked away in our shed and it was the perfect amount.

After putting in all the insulation, we covered it up and created the sub floor for the studio by nailing down exterior grade plywood. Welcome, feet, to the new floor.

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