Sheep shots

I'm finally making progress on my long overdue pattern writing goal. I'm shooting to have a collection of 10 patterns for knitted and felted toys published at my online shop, Hedgehog Lane. Originally I planned to have this all done by my birthday, May 19. I didn't make it so I'm setting a new goal: 10 patterns on Hedgehog Lane by September 1. I've got a total of 5 done and ready to go to my technical editor. I am now working on the pattern photography, writing and layout.

For the last few days I have been working on pattern-related computer stuff. Yesterday I treated myself to some knitting and started on a new design. Today I finished my first draft and while it's not perfect, I am SOO pleased with how much more intuitive the design process has become for me. Instead of making 8-10 knitted "drafts" to try to transfer the image in my mind to the actual knitted piece, this new project took just one try.

I was thinking it was a she and that her name would be Maude, but my kids voted for it to be a boy and for his name to be Chester.

He is knitted and felted with bits of wool wound around him and lightly needle felted into place. He is sturdy and solid in a pleasing way. He's fat like a real sheep and I love his little ears and tail. His eyes are too big, I need to go to the bead store and buy some smaller onyx beads.  

Tonight I'm going to stay up too late and make a cream sheep and maybe start to work on a sheep dog.