"Mom, is it time to start hammering yet?"

I can finally answer Eli in the affirmative. The hills have been a-ringing with the sound of the studio’s floor system taking shape. After I drew framing diagrams for each plane of the building, I counted up how many boards I’d need. This is what I used to order my lumber. The studio now feels like a giant kit-we’ve got the plans, and (most of) the parts-now we “just” have to put it together! First step was to lay pressure treated sill around the perimeter.

Most buildings would then go onto putting up the rim joists and floor joists, but I want to make this super sturdy and use loose cellulose insulation in the floor, so decided to lay down sheets of plywood under the joists. Even though I’ve paced off the shape of the building on the site many times and set up the floor plan in a temporary life size “model” in my parents roomy basement, tiptoeing on top of the joists gives me the clearest sense of the size. Not too big, not too small, just right.

The studio is perched sweetly above our little homestead, with nice views of the house and garden.

Well this photo is just the garden and chicken coop. Our house is small, but not that small....


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