Good progress, crappy pictures

I have finally started knitting again. After a month-long fiber hiatus, I have been churning out some projects and (eek!) Christmas gifts. While my knitting mojo is coming back, my photo mojo was never there to begin with. I'm still sharing my progress because if I wait for good images, I will never get around to posting them! First up, the Cable Footies from the book One Skein. Lovely pattern. I didn't quite make gauge so of course the sock doesnt' fit exactly right, but it's just too wide at the ankle. I used some of the recycled yarn I bought and I really like the dense-ness and weight of these socks, they are more like house socks. I am going to pick up on the top edge and work a few inches of ribbing. Both to make them more sock-like and less footie-like and to pull in the width a bit. I would like to make 6 more pairs so I can wear them daily this winter. First though I should make one more sock so I have at least one pair! 

Hoping the blurry images will hide my leg stubble....

Instead of messing around with a boring second sock, I moved on to a simple lace scarf knit from Noro Taiyo. Modeled with toothless aplomb by Julian, this scarf was my first try with lace and I love the way it turned out. I don't love the rolling edges so I plan to add a single-crochet edge or something. 

For my all-time record in early Christmas gift knitting, I started lace edging to make pillow cases for my mom. The lace pattern is from Mason-Dixon Knitting's Moses basket project. It's my first time knitting with linen and I am delighted with how it's turning out. I'm just a few repeats away from finishing one pillow-case worth, I've made more progress since this photo was taken.

I have a feeling I will be making more edging soon- napkins, tablecloths, curtains! I need more Euroflax linen yarn. Yum. 

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