Raw materials

Laura has been collecting and using materials for her studio. Deceptively small piles of lumber will soon be a whole building. I've been collecting materials too. I bought a giant tote of recycled yarn off craigslist, it turned out to be from a fellow-fiber-fiend, and kindred-knitting-spirit and I delight in all the knitting possibilities the yarn holds. There's so much here, I bet I will be knitting up the last of it while sitting on the cozy window seat in Laura's new studio.

Some of it is cashmere, merino, lambswool, SOO soft and lovely. I am looking forward to dying some of the light gray stuff and cream.

I haven't been working on Hedgehog Lane patterns for too long, one reason is that I have been out of yarn though the extreme heat and humidity we've been having might have something to do with it too! Cascade 220 is my favorite medium for knitting and felting. WEBS was having a great sale on Cascade. It's tricky to order yarn online because of the color representation, but overall I am pleased with what I got. 

Now I just need to get to work. Anyone have tips for regaining that crazy creative, obsessive momentum that consumes you while working on a project? The one that wakes you up in the middle of the night and pushes aside dirty dishes and doubts? I seem to have lost mine. 

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