Into the woods

I was able to buy a stack of salvaged 2" x 6" x 8" framing lumber off Craig's List for than half the retail price, but I still needed a bunch of other wood. Our local building yard has prices that rival Lowe’s and they have free delivery. (The helpful old men who work there also call me huun-ey. Does the fact that I find this endearing and not creepy or annoying mean I am not enough of a feminist? Or have I lived in Eastern Kentucky too long? Hmm…)

This stack, delivered by the kindly old guys, will become the framed guts of the floor, walls and roof of the studio. (Isn't it a surprisingly small pile?) I have chosen to use conventional lumber instead of locally grown and sawn for several reasons. Since I am a novice builder I wanted to work with materials that made it easiest for me to be successful. Framing lumber from the store is dry, stable, square, and consistent. Rough cut lumber from the sawmill may be these things, but probably not. I plan to use rough cut, local lumber for the board and batten siding. This is a great use for this appealingly rustic product. Also if my money holds out, I hope to use locally produced bead board for the interior ceiling.