Firm foundation

On to more concrete matters. After reading and thinking and talking about different foundation options, I’ve finally decided on a system of 6 piers of stacked concrete blocks to hold up the building.

The blocks have rebar-big, ribbed steel dowels-driven through their hollow cells and into the earth beneath them, then we filled ‘em full of concrete. 

Why is it so gratifyiing/magical to mix this stuff? Gravelly stuff + water + curing = rock hard concrete!

It looks deceivingly simple to when you glance at these stacks, but it took many work sessions to get to this point. Between Strider and myself we have invested around 12 hours to get to this step. (I’m not even thinking about all the planning, research, and procuring materials.) The rebar and block were both salvaged/free materials, yay! The studio will sit on top the blocks, but not be fastened to it. I am counting on the weight of the building to hold itself in place. The size of the studio was inspired by the portable Tumbleweed tiny homes, but buying a utility trailer to build my studio on would have cleaned out my grant funds. I designed a small, extra sturdy building I hope to be able to hire someone to jack up and move on a great big trailer should we ever move away. That’s the plan anyway!