Mind meld

Interrupting the studio-progress posts for some crafting news....

It’s been about a month now since Kate posted about our birthday, thought I better follow up with my two cents. We had a lovely day together, made spring rolls for dinner, then were totally surprised by a party that included a gorgeous home made cake, sangria and a bunch of girl friends around a fire. (Thanks again Angela!) I also gave Katie the gift I’d been working away on in secret.

That’s right, an Alabama Stitch inspired skirt. Our twin radar/ESP must have been working overtime for us to each get the other pretty much the same gift. I love the teal blue color, and thought it would really suit Katie. The only knit fabric I could find in Lexington (closest big city with fabric stores) was a 60% cotton 40% poly blend, which I was disappointed about, I was hoping for 100% cotton. I guess for future projects requiring yardage I’ll be buying it online. Which brings me to the generous gift I received from Katie in the mail a couple days later.

I appreciate the care that went in to packaging this kit, everything was just so.

This fabric is organic cotton grown and processed in the US. It is a bit more than conventionally grown/made in China stuff, but really worth it. 

The colors are great and it’s the perfect weight. I plan to buy more of this yardage for future projects. I’ve managed to get one of the four panels finished.

I can’t wait to wear this skirt, I need to work on it more often! I did get a good bit of stitching done on a recent trip to the mountains of North Carolina to visit Strider’s Grandparents. The boys played contently for hours in the same creek Strider grew up playing in.

I sat on the porch, stitched and chatted. Got to love summer time.