Another birthday, more roosters

Today is my birthday, which means it's Laura's birthday too, we're twins! Even though I am totally aware of this fact, my gift purchasing/preparation is usually last-minute. Two years ago I knit a sweater for her, so of course I started early. I did finish seaming it after I gave it to her though and she had to add the buttons herself- I never did get around to that! Last year was a bit more planned- but that didn't work out so well as 7 of the 10 chicks turned out to be roosters and apparently hawks like to eat hens best, so she ended up with no hens.

I purchased the paper to make spring papercuts ages ago, and thought for her Birthday card I would continue the rooster theme this year- 

I just love this design from the book All Year Round, I altered it slightly to make the outer edge not have grass on the bottom. I want to make one  for our family and plan to hang over our dining room table. I would like to design some of my own papercuts and I especially like the way this one is 3-D. The book also has a charming mobile with a May pole design- so cute! 

Laura has been making projects from and inspired by the Alabama Stitch Book for a while now, and I am the lucky recipient of two of the shirts she has stitched. She generally uses thrift-store finds for stitching and the work is all done by hand. The Alabama Stitch projects are so appealing to me as art because they are sustainable, usable, temporary, fiber-y and personal. Most recently, she added embroidery to my favorite shirt that had a stain. It's even better now! 

She and I have both been enamored with the skirt with the all-over design from the book, it's so striking and lovely- here's an image of it from the Alabama Chanin store. 

So, I bought her the kit to make the skirt! It's a bit more than she or I would usually spend on a project like this, but even though she has been buying t-shirts like a crazy woman, it's been really difficult to procure the 4 xxl t-shirts that the skirt requires. Also, I didn't realize until I was shopping that the fabric that Alabama Chanin sells is both domestically produced and organic. The more I learn about fabric production, the more I am willing to pay for fabric that is sustainably produced here in the U.S. Of course I didn't order it in time for her to actually get the kit today, but I look forward to seeing how the skirt progresses as she works on it over the summer.  Happy birthday Laura!!

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