Behind the scenes

Recently, one of my favorite knitting bloggers posted a few "behind the scenes" shots of her preparing a knit piece for inclusion in her book. I think one of the magical things about the internet is being able to craft a specific "look" and "world" for your business or blog, and seeing behind the lovely "public" images of her site made me appreciate her work even more! I am currently putting together my own pattern line, (I will have 5 patterns published by the end of this week, halfway to my goal of getting 10 patterns online before my May 19 birthday!), and have been really growing as a photographer. I don't like taking photos, but strangely, my super-talented husband doesn't like it when he's taking photos for me and I stand behind him and tell him that his shots are not quite right. SO I am taking photos upstairs, running downstairs to check how they look in Photoshop, then taking MORE photos upstairs... at least I am getting exercise. I use a white piece of paper for a background in the "how-to" shots for my patterns. I have the camera set up on a tripod, set the camera shutter to a 2 second delay and quickly pick up the work. I don't have a good seamless background for shots of finished objects, so I usually take those outside. Meanwhile, here's a peek at my sixth pattern-

Can you tell what they will be? Here's a hint- there will be several more pieces in this pattern- and they will be smaller. In the background you will see the storage space for supplies I am currently using/guest room bed. It's hard for me to share a photo that doesn't include a tidy inspiring studio, but it's what I have to work with for now, and this room has great light. I don't actually work in there, that's usually reserved for the couch or dining room table, depending on what I am doing. 

I was productive this morning and also felted a bobble swatch for another new design.  The blue piece above doesn't have a top because for the first time I had a knitted piece fall apart in the washing machine. I guess I should knot off and weave in my ends more carefully! Shucks. 

I've got more knitting to do first, but all the how-to steps for patterns six and seven will have me honing my photography skills soon. 

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