Studio progress

It has been awhile since I mentioned my studio building project, but not because I haven’t been working on it! It’s just that writing about doing drawing after drawing on graph paper seems…. uninteresting. I’ve been doing a lot of this:

I also bought a couple necessities, my own tape measure and tool belt. This belt is relatively petite, which is good. I can’t imagine needing a bag of nails, a tape measure, a hammer, and whatever else you hold in a tool belt at quick draw ready on my person. It seems like it will get in the way, but when talking to folks who have building framing experience, sounds like it will be a beneficial timesaving accessory. In addition to its modest size, I picked this white canvas belt trimmed with suede because of the fabric painting possibilities of the material. I may be getting into building construction, but I am still primarily a fiber artist after all.

It has been a wet spring so I have only had a few days to work outside. Even so, much of the site prep is done and it is time to begin the foundation. Gulp.

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