More projects in progress

I am still working feverishly on my goal of making 10 patterns for knitted and felted toys and sadly, that doesn't leave much time for blogging these days. I am now working with a technical editor to help refine my directions and language, and wow, that's been a great choice. I feel so much more confident about the patterns I am offering now. That computer work is SO hard to do when it's 75 outside and my gardening is becoking. Despite that temptation I have an update with a couple new projects and new images of some I have  been working on. 

First- the nesting dolls. I wasn't happy with the needle felted flower decorations. See here for the first draft. Instead, I used some of Laura's beautiful naturally-dyed wool felt and stitched on large stylized blooms on the dolls. 

And "nested"-

Much better. I'm calling those done. I still need to knit up another set for the directions. 

The sleepy dolls need a better name, but they are fun, floppy dolls with long stocking caps. I guess it's the cap that makes me think about bedtime. I am pleased with them, their construction is really simple and quick to knit. 

I did say that my next project would roll, and I haven't figured out the axle, but I am working on a car/truck/bus set. Here's the car-

I'm thinking about doing more embellishment, but I also like the simple look. We'll see. Avery, who is 3, has already claimed the car, he loves it! He has been playing with it sans wheels. I am especially pleased with this car as it took me only one "draft" to get the shaping right. My brain is better at making a pattern now, it's nice to be making progress!!

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