@ the creek

My boys and I had our first afternoon at the creek in the meadow across from our house the other day. We spend a lot of  time there in the summer. Eli (5) got right to work making "gnome boats" out of driftwood and grass. I helped him with the knot tying, grass is slippery for little fingers!

Isaac (almost 3) was absorbed with the sand and pebbles:

Going to the creek is a great little "vacation" away from our house and yard. There is so much to do and explore it brings instant peace to our family dynamic. (definition: my boys don't find reasons to bicker) We all just do our own thing.

I brought my latest Alabama stitch project to work on. It is never ceases to amaze me how if you work on a project  long enough eventually it actually gets finished....It's a shirt of Katie's I have been carrying around with me for months and her patience has finally paid off.

Back to the creek topic-I want to stitch up some kind of sun shade/tent for our creek side visits. Our favorite spot is very sunny and we could stay longer with more shade (and plenty of snacks). In this lovely shade I hope to get much stitching, reading, and lounging in at the creek this summer....

If anyone has experience or knowledge of a pattern for such a project, please let me know!