Studio Site

I took "before" photos of the studio site recently:

It is hard for me to envision what a little building is going to look like here. Driving stakes in the ground helps a bit, but the space is still so open. One of the back corners will be just in front of the big tree (Poplar) in the center of the photo. The other will sit to the left, up the hill where we have already started digging. The front left corner will be where my upturned shovel is on the lower left of the photo, and the right corner where the big ol' rock is behind the cement blocks. The rock is on it's way to a casual rock wall we are creating.

Just to the right of the site is a mossy, rocky creek bed that flows only in wet weather. It is my favorite feature of our property, and I look forward to my work table looking out over it.

The ephemeral stream bed is home to a delightful array of wild flowers:

I am rich with Trout Lillies.


I had some welcome help hauling the salvaged cement block for the foundation:


(OK, Strider and Eli were working, Isaac was focusing on being cute.)

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