More nesting doll progress

Last night I stayed up too late and finished the first set of nesting dolls. I am pleased with their faces and hair, the flowers need some additional needle felting. I am planning to knit up another set and make all the dolls the same color (red of course- I love red projects!) with the same hair style, but I do like the rainbow of colors and different hair styles.


I just plopped them on the mantle for the photo, if I had set them up more carefully they would stand up straight! I am thinking about embroidering the flowers or other decorations instead of needle felting them on, I am more comfortable with embroidery floss! Overall, I am pleased with the direction this pattern is going, it marks the 6th pattern I have designed. I still have to layout the pattern and take all the "how to" photos, but it's satisfying to meet the challenge that my imagination puts forth!

The next pattern will be tricky to come up with, but I have most of the knitting done for the first draft. It will have quite a bit of post-felting work but I am looking forward to making it. I am hoping it will rival the Gnome Home in cuteness factor.