Nesting, nesting 1,2,3

I am plugging away on meeting my goal of getting 10 patterns together by mid-May, and am currently working on a set of knitted and felted nesting dolls. I am always reminded by how much MATH I use when coming up with knitting patterns, but making a nesting set of something is even more math-heavy. A while ago, I made a set of knitted and felted stacking cups. It's a pattern I plan to release soon. I modeled them after the wood ones in natural toy catalogs. They would also be great for organizing your desk, etc...

Here they are stacked up in my cardboard box lightbox-

Once I worked these out, I wanted to make a set of nesting dolls. They have proved trickier, getting them to fit and still have a pleasing body shape has required a few different tries. I think I've got it now and only have one more to knit (the tiny, non-opening one) and they will be ready for faces and decoration. Here they are so far surrounded by my stuff, garlic and baking powder molds, and "business papers"-I made a mess on the dining room table, but it was a productive morning, mostly because my kids were also happily working with me:

Julian was needle felting for the first time, using a cookie cutter for a mold. Avery was playing with a bowl of lentils. We made foxtails the day prior and the lentils were leftover stuffing. I felt like such a good mom! I wish we could all cheerfully work for an hour like this every morning! 

If you have sharp eyes, you will see a couple wheel prototypes one the table too, my next big project will roll...