Introducing my new patterns

I have been working on designing some knitted and felted toy patterns for a while now. Here is the first pattern I completed. Meet Dusty and Satchel:

They are knitted and felted horses that are about 8 inches tall. They have wire in their legs so they can stand. A few knitters on Ravelry volunteered to test the pattern (last summer!), and I finally made the 18 page booklet that gives the pattern as well as directions for felting, assembly and shows how to make the saddle, halter and saddle blanket.

I have been wishing for a different site where I can sell patterns and maybe kits for the projects so I made a new website, Hedgehog Lane. I haven't sold any patterns yet, but I also have done no advertising, I want to wait until I have more than one pattern for sale.

The next pattern I am finishing up is for Small Dolls, little dolls that can ride the horses. They are about 6 inches tall, so they are a perfect size for kids to play with. They have removable sewn-felt clothes as well as knit socks, sweaters and tights. Here is a shot of all the dolls:

Laura designed some of the clothes, and it's fun to collaborate on projects like this. I have to test-knit one sweater pattern and then then the (30 page!) booklet for them will be ready to sell. But it's much more fun to work on new projects, and I have been working on the new knitting instead- a bunch of little gnome children and their cob cottage, complete with a living roof! I would love to hear your thoughts on the projects- or let me know if you have any ideas of what would be fun to design next!

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