"I'll clean it up myself I guess"

My 10’ x 10’ dining room turned studio is a great little workspace in some respects. But, it is small, and wasn’t designed to be a studio, hence no closet. Although I will be moving into my new studio this year, my current space has to serve me for several more months.

You can see into this space upon entering our house so some level of tidiness seems appropriate- no other rooms in our house have plastic totes piled precariously, or (ahem) piles of fabric heaped around. After returning from a 2 month long visit to my parents, and seeing our house with fresh awareness, it was obvious the studio needed work. Of course this meant pulling everything out, sorting and getting rid of stuff: My solution (hanging a curtain across the back of the room and piling up stuff behind it) isn’t perfect, but visual clutter has been greatly reduced, and I no longer feel panic-y when I walk into the room.



Behind the curtain:


Peace is restored.